Keeping Pace Celebrity Dance Off


Arthur Murray provides an authentic learning experience for each of their students based on their individual needs and desires. They are committed to empowering students by giving them the knowledge and skill to achieve all that they dream of through the magic of ballroom dance lessons. Arthur Murray applies the highest standards of CREATIVITY, INTEGRITY & QUALITY to fulfill all your dancing needs and desires.


Ian & Trista Gooley Dancing a Roomba

Ian & Trista Gooley have been dancing, combined, for over 30 years. They met in 2002 and became competitive partners, achieving several championships as well as being ranked 3rd overall in Canada. Ian & Trista became the proud franchisees of Arthur Murray Calgary in 2005.

On Valentine’s Day in 2006, they were married. Dancers falling head over heels love story come true. Now they are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters & living their dream of sharing dance with the amazing people of Calgary.